Rejection Hurts

You’ve been fighting for
attention from the wrong people,
they could care less
whether you live or die
as long as, you stop bothering them.
They are just fine without you
complicating their lives
with your brand of puppy love.

You’ve seen all of the signs
yet you are afraid of walking away
from what could be a good thing
if you could just learn
the art of patience
then things would turn out right. 
You’ve said so over and over again.
The outcome has been less than pleasing.

You’ve been looking for answers
to questions you do not need to find 
and have been walking away feeling
lost, hurt, and confused for the last time.
All of that pain could’ve been avoided
if you had loved yourself from the beginning
instead of chasing after dust and lust.

But you did not know
love would hurt, although it really shouldn’t.
You had to learn psin the hard way.
Life is full of as much disappointments
as there are rewards.
The rewards are what you should be after.


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