Still Accountable

I’m accountable for my actions, whether I take
responsibility for my part now or later, it’s my fault,
I either decide or decide not to decide
but in the initial stages, God gets the brunt
of my rage. I refuse to pray, stuck in my feelings;
I only end up harming myself more.

Her Only Regret 

She keeps walking away from the complication
that follows that unhealthy relationship she held
on to as her last resort for love, but he keeps
coming back; one minute, the effort is there,
and the next minute, everything goes ice cold.

Its confusion all around the communication bridges
got burnt down a long time ago; constant mind
games perhaps he was right; they could never have
a future together it’s been nothing but heartaches
and headaches eventually they parted ways
and exchanged a few bitter words
they can never recover is her only regret.


Alone is where I’ll cry and shed my old
skin; alone is where I’ll recharge and try
to forget about the mean, big-bad wolf past
I’m better off in my little world, separated from
the rest of the scary world, where no one
can harm me there, except me; only I can
destroy myself if I’m not careful
to maintain a positive mindset.

Attention Seeker

You’ve been scuffling for attention
from the wrong people your entire life; they
couldn’t care less whether you live or die
as long as you stop troubling them
with your brand of puppy love;
they seem fine without you
further complicating their wonderful lives.

A Cynical World

Her laughter turned ice-cold
over 20 years ago; long ago, her innocence
got slapped away by miserable, broken people
who didn’t know how to love; she does not
remember what it feels like to experience
mental freedom; somehow, they managed to
imprison her mind, she’s stuck in a cynical world.