No Reward in Complaining

There’s no fun in excuses.
That is an addiction
that should be played with sparingly
or not at all.

“I can” should be adopted more.
I can’t I cannot stand
yet it is stuck in my vocabulary
along with many other discrepancies.

There’s no reward in complaining. It kills
good vibes, creates extreme difficulties,
slows down self-development, promotes
speed traps of dissatisfaction, negative
vibrations, annoying little tricksters,
sending out a casting call for gratitude.

Buried Alive

On my own, I’ve done nothing but dig deep
trenches for myself; I’ve single handedly
buried me alive, every seed I’ve ever planted
got uprooted, I’ve built my foundation on
shifting sands, God was not in the equation.

Mystery Man

I’m just floating in outer space with no genuine
sense of direction with you in view, I cannot
figure you out there’s a mystery about you,
and it’s not in a good way one side of me
says you might be worth it, and
the other side says to walk away.