Poor People Luxury

Many of us live in luxury.
We take for granted
so many things
others would die to have.

We take, take, take
and little do we give back.
If anything at all.

There’s food on the table.
Fast food restaurants at every corner.
Grocery stores, too.
The option to cook or not is always there.
A fridge full of food and pantries stocked up like a store.

There’s a roof over our heads,
it may not be in the best neighborhood
but it sure beats a one room shack
and a pit toilet with an open sewer.

There’s clean water
Although medicated with who knows what
But it sure beats the clean water
coming from a poop infested river.

There’s shoes on our feet.
In fact, there are shoes for days.
Sure beats one pair of raggedy shoes

Not to mention, a change of outfit every day,
yet we complain about not having anything to wear.

We have cars to drive,
it may not the best or newest model
but it sure beats walking 5 or 10 miles on foot.

We are blessed with jobs.
Although, there’s no guarantee that it’ll be there tomorrow.
For the most part, there’s a set income for the time being.
In the slums, it’s hand-to-mouth everyday.

Although, the working poor
live hand-to-mouth too.
And the struggle is real everywhere.

…but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe they know pain more.
Maybe they understand the true meaning of hard work.
Not to say we don’t know hard work or pain too.
But the drive to succeed seems far greater.


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