Poor People Luxuries

Here in America, many people live a
luxurious lifestyle; they take for granted
many things others in third-world countries
would die to possess; these people take, take,
take everything they can get their hands on,
and little do they give back if anything at all.

There’s food on the table fast-food restaurants
at every corner grocery stores within a half-mile
reach in most states the option to cook
or not is always available there’s a fridge full of
food and pantries stocked up like a store, there’s
a roof over their heads, it may not be in
the best neighborhood, but it sure beats a one-room
shack and a pit-toilet with an open sewer.

There’s clean water, although medicated
with whom knows what but it sure beats
the clean water coming from a poop infested river,
there are shoes on their feet for days, too many
pairs to count sure beats one pair of raggedy
sandals not to mention, a change of clothes
for every day of the week. Yet, people in America
complain about not having outfits to wear
and no food to keep their mouths busy.

Many Americans have cars to drive; it may not be
the best or newest model. Still, it sure beats
walking five, ten, or fifteen miles oneway
they are blessed with jobs although, there’s no
guarantee it’ll be there tomorrow mostly, the
opportunities are there for the hungry and thirsty.

In the slums, it’s hand-to-mouth every day
although, the working poor live hand-to-mouth, too.
The struggle is real everywhere…but that’s just
the tip of the iceberg; maybe they know pain more;
maybe they understand the true meaning of hard
work not to say Americans don’t know hard work
or pain too, but the drive to succeed seems far
more significant in those third-world countries.

In America, most people are already comfortable
with their destination, so there is no need to fight
or attempt to climb the mountain.