Follow Your Instincts

Fine-tune your instincts; it can save your life
recognize when something needs your undivided
attention and take the necessary precautions; don’t
move forward until you’ve addressed the issue;
it’s a crucial moment for meditation.

Please Don’t Wait

Please don’t wait until you’re in a position to
lose me to tell me you love me, show me today
while I’m still in your presence unload every issue
off your chest, better late than never, time is too
precious to hold on to the past.

Please don’t wait until the holidays or birthdays to
show me some love and compassion; embrace me
while I’m still alive, life can change direction
in the blink of an eye; don’t just look me in the eye
and walk away with regret; learn to love me
just the way I am.

Live Life Now 

Time slows down for no one memories fade
just as quickly as they form, people change,
it’s just the way life works; new friendships get made,
but the true ones remain intact; eventually,
the discomfort and the disappointments will subside
things don’t remain the same way for too long.

Every good thing takes time, life is about the journey,
not about the time lost, no need to dwell on the past
spend it wisely, today might be your last chance to
make a difference; nothing is promised, although
expectations are often high for the next day.

Cease the moment, enjoy every bit of today while it’s
still available, remember to give thanks that should
be the most natural part of the day, but it usually
turns out to be the hardest at the top of the list is
complaining whining does not paint a better picture,
steer clear of ungratefulness ―appreciate the moment.

Let The Darkness Fade

Calm your restless mind down, relax
and stretch out your cracked feet, let your
guard down let life take its course flush out
toxic thoughts; you’ll feel better scream
if you have to scream until the pain is gone
give way to all the positive thoughts that will now
consume your renewed mind, let the darkness
fade into the background; you deserve peace.

Two-way Mirror

I’ve wanted what she had in her house before, what
she has looks amazing; her life looks impressive
―a beautiful house, nice layout, and furniture,
hair did, nails did, cute clothes and shoes,
good food, luxury cars, six-figure incomes,
beautiful kids, and a wonderful husband―
everything looks good; I’ll take what she has
with upgrades and customization.

I’ve been down the envy road many times before
looking in from the outside, forgetting I am blessed
too; I overlook the little things that make a big
difference, I still have breath in me, and I don’t need
someone else’s perfect picture, I have to dismiss the
lies the devil keeps whispering in my ears
my life might look inviting to her too.

The Sky is The Beginning

I dream of shinning brighter than the blazing sun,
tapping into my full potential; I’ve told myself
countless times I could not do many things
because I listened to someone else’s advice
of why my goals were unachievable, so
I didn’t try or gave up too soon.

I’m changing my thought process, consistency
and persistence is my best friend
knowing who I am in Christ Jesus, positive thinking
I can do anything I put my mind to achieving;
the sky is just the beginning.

It’s Not By Chance

I wake up, blessed to see another day; it’s not
by chance, but by God’s good grace, the reason
I’m still here, and He woke me up
with a smile on His face.

I get to pedal through another day to make
my life right with Him; hopefully, I will finally
know with sincerity in my heart what true freedom
feels like, no more shackles and chains on my
hands and feet the backdrop of my rebellious life.

God loves me despite the flaws that became
my distraction and destruction; I have a reason
to fight; there is still breath in my lungs.