Christmas: A Shopping Event 

I used to worry about
not having money for Christmas.

For one reason or another,
I was never able to afford all of the presents
I hoped my children would enjoy.

Until one year, I was able to afford gifts
only to buy for them and they did not
appreciate any of my hard work.
Kids, right? So unappreciative.

From then on, many things
were brought into the light.
Christmas was not what I thought
it was about all along.

So I don’t celebrate this day anymore
and it was my absolute favorite holiday.

And because I believe in God
and He teaches against idol worshiping
(aka the Christmas tree).

I have to be obedient to His word.
Even though, it looks fun and exciting.
I know it is not Jesus’ birthday
people are truly celebrating.

I have to be brave enough
to take the backlash because nobody
wants to hear these things,
especially at “this time” of the year.

Everyone wants to hear beautiful words.
See beautiful things and
experience perfect acts of kindness
…a fairy tale day.


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