For the Wrong Reasons

For years, I tried to change myself to fit in
with the demands of other people’s needs
I adjusted my attitude; I tried to be less uptight
and more outgoing, I tried to let loose my mind
and became as careless as could be
I wanted to have (more) friends, something I don’t
see the value in now; less is more.

I wanted to live a good life, so I partied
for a while and went wild, I wanted to blend in
and not feel so out of place, I tried to be
as perfect as could be. Yet, others seemed
embarrassed to associate with me at times,
my friends wanted me to loosen up a little more
each time and happily go with the flow
without much questioning of their inabilities
to manage my life, I tried, and they tried too,
but nothing good came out of me
rebelling against my nature.

Approval addiction had me tied up in knots.
I am unique, and that’s my greatest asset.
I was perfect the way I was the entire time
—God does not make mistakes.

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