Research and Educate

People are buried in poverty; they are barely
able to make ends meet a perfect opportunity
to start depending on government assistance;
the system likes it that way control the people
for the good of a few old farts it’s a flawed
society intent on getting rich
off of people’s lack of research.

The media tells them what they want to hear,
show them what they want to see,
and these people will believe anything,
programmed to think alike; no questions asked,
keep them distracted, and in the darkness,
they don’t want to wake up
from their peaceful dream, anyway.

As long as everything is decorated nicely,
it doesn’t even matter at all what’s going on
behind-the-scenes people are too busy, anyway
to notice what’s going on they are distracted by
the brilliant technological advances
“based on science” is the anthem they sing
blindfolds pulled tightly over their eyes
earbuds tucked neatly in ears,
taste buds compromised
air fresheners all around they cannot smell
the school of fish nearby
destroyed for lack of knowledge.

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