The Bond Is Not There

Most families have a funny way of expressing
their feelings, at least mine does a lousy job
in that department; with them, I can’t tell
if they are sincere in their well-wishes
or not the bond is not there, strangers
will feel more welcome in their presence.

The “Run With It” Society

Nothing stands out anymore;
everything looks the same and everyone
dresses the same just merchandise branded
under different names, ingenious
marketing schemes, those rats can sell
anything to ants, and people would buy
a bag of rocks for the sake
of style and modernization.

Garbage in, garbage out,
quantity over quality
dishonesty over morals.

My Story In A Can

I started from the very bottom,
I had to work my way up
it wasn’t easy, I’d be lying
if I said it was a piece of cake.

The same time I was encouraging others,
I was busy fighting to pull myself up,
and after many tries, I finally came out
victorious. I’ve been climbing the ladder
ever since, my faith in God increases
with each passing day though many days,
it seems like I’m not making progress.


Anger doesn’t seem like anything
offputting at first, but all you need is something
or someone to tick you off. Soon, everything
around you starts blowing up like dynamite,
you’ve transformed into a fire-starter,
you’re a force to be reckoned with
you’ve become so powerful wildfires start
with just blink and a flick of the tongue.

For the Wrong Reasons

For years, I tried to change myself to fit in
with the demands of other people’s needs
I adjusted my attitude; I tried to be less uptight
and more outgoing, I tried to let loose my mind
and became as careless as could be
I wanted to have (more) friends, something I don’t
see the value in now; less is more.

I wanted to live a good life, so I partied
for a while and went wild, I wanted to blend in
and not feel so out of place, I tried to be
as perfect as could be. Yet, others seemed
embarrassed to associate with me at times,
my friends wanted me to loosen up a little more
each time and happily go with the flow
without much questioning of their inabilities
to manage my life, I tried, and they tried too,
but nothing good came out of me
rebelling against my nature.

Approval addiction had me tied up in knots.
I am unique, and that’s my greatest asset.
I was perfect the way I was the entire time
—God does not make mistakes.

Research and Educate

People are buried in poverty; they are barely
able to make ends meet a perfect opportunity
to start depending on government assistance;
the system likes it that way control the people
for the good of a few old farts it’s a flawed
society intent on getting rich
off of people’s lack of research.

The media tells them what they want to hear,
show them what they want to see,
and these people will believe anything,
programmed to think alike; no questions asked,
keep them distracted, and in the darkness,
they don’t want to wake up
from their peaceful dream, anyway.

As long as everything is decorated nicely,
it doesn’t even matter at all what’s going on
behind-the-scenes people are too busy, anyway
to notice what’s going on they are distracted by
the brilliant technological advances
“based on science” is the anthem they sing
blindfolds pulled tightly over their eyes
earbuds tucked neatly in ears,
taste buds compromised
air fresheners all around they cannot smell
the school of fish nearby
destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Run Far

People search for some resemblance of light,
yet they stay surrounded by darkness
stuck in the ways of the world;
anything else is unfamiliar;
the world is a terrible place of comfort;
run far away from that dungeon
damaged mentalities, they’re stuck in a box.