I Started Entertaining Lies

At 12 years old, my self-esteem was low
I didn’t love myself; everything about me
seemed like a mistake; there were days
I didn’t want to live, but I wasn’t brave enough
to hurt myself. And there were days
I wanted to run away from home; I didn’t
understand why my life was so rough
and why my family didn’t seem to love me.

Tough Admission

Abortion is a word I was once told never
to entertain; until one day I found myself
caught up in a wicked and lustful affair
solely based on my emotions, I went ahead
and ended the pregnancy and as wrong as
I knew this false liberation was, I felt it was
my only option out of an unpleasant situation;
I didn’t see the errors of my ways,
I forgot to trust God; I was too bent
on doing things my way, so I went ahead
with my decision and had the nerve
to feel relieved after, but that feeling
was only temporary, there’s always
some reminder of the choice I made.

Only GOD Can Save

Only God can save my soul;
I’m not fully equipped to make it
on my own microwaveable rules
and regulations, I always fall short
of my expectations, even though I have
my best interest at heart, I know my
limitations and when it’s time to take a knee.