Treat God BetterĀ 

Humankind should treat God better than
the material objects they worship daily;
their faces are always connected
to the various screens of modern technology;
everyday giving their undivided attention
to these outdated, expensive materialistic items
without making a peep, these indulgences
give them a reason to paddle
through the murky waters of life.

But, God never gets outdated
unlike cellphones, smart televisions,
computers, tablets, clothes, shoes,
and makeup, to name a few; He’s the same
today, tomorrow, and forever; you get
the most updated version 24/7;
no upgrades are needed,
and you never have to spend a dime.

Under Control

Chaos, mass confusion, stirred up
by the puppet media, the people are used as
social experiments to see which exercises work
best and what mess needs to be pulled off
the old store shelves there’s constant,
toxic exposure to filth, whatever it takes
to sell lies in those dirty, well-packaged
bundles of entertainment, the government
does whatever it takes to make
the most money in the least amount of time
as vulnerable people drop dead like flies.

The rich grow wealthier by the minute
meanwhile, the working poor gets buried
in debt, loans are the only way out,
the well-fed pigs laugh all the way to the bank,
and the sheep(le), too happy to be led
by politics and world leaders, they eat
everything up without asking questions
participants in a sick mind game that has been
played for thousands of years; people are too blind
to recognize these indulgences were meant to
distract and destroy them for lack of knowledge;
their minds are under satanic attack.