Red Flags

Being there. A few times.
Obsessed over men who could care less.
Literally chased after them to get attention.
Tried to figure out what they wanted
INSTEAD of what made me happy.

If they didn’t call, then I might
brave it out and make an attempt.
If they didn’t text, then I would
take it upon myself to initiate.
I would even volunteer to see them
to make it easier for us to talk.
Whatever it took to please them, I would do.
Just to keep them interested in me.

And outside of sex, they never really were.
All the men I liked
turned out to be total disappointments.
Whereas, all the men I didn’t like
understood what I was really about
without me begging them to think of me.

They called just to hear my voice
or to find out about my day.
They visited as much as they could.
They wanted a friendship
that would blossom into a relationship.
They sent random messages throughout the day.
They were everything I needed from the men I liked.

But the men I liked
made excuses for everything.
They didn’t have time to call.
They didn’t have time to see me.
They texted everything. Short messages.
Seemed like I was pulling a leg.
And they didn’t want to commit to me.

It’s a game.
And not a very funny one.


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