Social Media “Friends” 

1,000 “friends” from high school
that you were never really friends with
or barely even knew, in some cases.
In fact, you never really spoke
but they are in your yearbook
so you sent a friend request.
Now, you’re social media friends.

You’re curious about what they’ve been up to.
They’re also curious about you.

Are you happy or sad?
Are you married with children or single?
Are you college educated and successful
or only have a silly diploma?
Where do you live?
Is your house big or small?
Do you travel for work or work some boring job?

What have you been up to since high school?
That’s all they really want to know.
Who’s life is more exciting?

After it’s all said and done.
Crickets. Chirp, chirp!
There’s nothing left to talk about.
Now, everyone is caught up on your life.


One thought on “Social Media “Friends” 

  1. The last verse strikes me as a sad but true. No one posts a day spent counting the hours behind a desk or doing laundry and picking up toys. Unlike the regular news, we tend to only post the happy stuff. Maybe, that’s a good thing 🙂

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