My Grandparents

In my mind’s eye, I can still see my grandfather
sitting on the veranda at home
in Jamaica in his favorite spot; you could
always expect to see him sitting there
taking in pieces of the world around him
on Saturday afternoons and most Sundays,
those were the only two days
he would be home; he loved
to relax in his unique resort.

Us kids knew not to disturb him
on those two days; everyone knew
he worked all day from Mondays to Fridays
in the fields, he was a hardworking man,
up from dusk till dawn, rain or shine he was
out in there planting ground provisions to sell,
or raising chickens, cows, pigs, and goats,
or doing some other hustle.

Meanwhile, my grandmother held the fort
down at home she cooked and cleaned, sewed
clothes, and did everything she could to do
her part; she always went above and beyond,
looking out for her family, and helping anyone
she could with the little she had; she’s the most
generous person I have ever met.

My grandfather was the most hardworking person
I had ever known; they were a dynamic team.
My superman died ten years ago; he was the only
grandpa I had ever known, and I loved him;
he was a great man, that man with the brick look;
I miss him; he’s been gone for too long.

As a kid growing up, my grandmother was
my everything; she was like a second mother
to me, she’s the only grandma I have ever
known, and she’s the best one in the world
every time I think of her, my heart is flooded
with love most of what I know about love,
God, and life; I learned from the lessons
she instilled in me as a child.

My grandfather ruled with an iron fist,
everything he said went according to his
instructions, no one tried to defy him;
break the rules once, and you wouldn’t think
about doing it again, he was a respectable man;
everyone knew of his unbreakable demeanor;
he rarely displayed love, but when he did,
you would not forget it.

Whereas my grandmother ruled
with love and care, she’s a woman of God
and a woman of peace and admiration
she will have your back, but don’t disrespect her;
respect goes a long way. Her generosity is
off-the-chain; she’ll feed and clothe an army,
never asking for anything in return; she loves
to give, give, give, yet she hardly receives
anything in return, but it brings her satisfaction.

When my grandfather died, I believe
a piece of her died too; she has not
been the same since that day.

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