Seeking Shelter

The streets were always safer than home.
It always took her back, no questions asked.
Drugs and prostitution was all the life she had ever known.

She had been in the system most of her life,
from one foster care family to another.
The system treated her like a number instead of a person.
Once out, she vowed never to return to the battleground.

She was young, broken, and homeless.
Just 19 years old.
She’d been rejected, neglected, and abused
by the little bit of family she’d met along the way.
She had felt pain so deep, left with wounds so infected,
it hurt just to breathe.

Running away from it all was her only hope.
But she didn’t have anywhere to go.
She didn’t know where to go.
She’d gotten used to walking the streets at night,
searching for a safe place to rest. 
There was none.


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