Far From Perfection

I’m far from perfection.
though I’ve always been a “good girl”
in my eyes and in the lens of others.
I thought that was enough to get me into heaven,
and boy, was I wrong.

I’ve done many things.
Seen many things.
Heard my fair share.
Spilled large amounts of gossip.
Lied about many things.
Done many stupid things.
Not to mention, having a filthy mouth.

There are a lot of secrets in my closet.
Things I am not prepared to face
but in my pride and shame,
I know it’s time to pick up my cross.
There’s something bigger than my petty crimes
that can convict me for life if I don’t yield.

I admit.
I need a lot of work.
Far from fulfilling God’s purpose for my life.
but I have hope.
In my heart of hearts, I know I am called for something great.
Whatever it is, it will be to glorify God’s name.
And that is what I want.


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