False Freedom

Man destroys the image of God daily
– spits on the cross
– stomps on the Bible
– blasphemies His name
– adds and takes away from His Word

Mankind created a false sense of peace and security.
Parading about life with no true sense of direction.
Living on their own time and space,
not realizing the consequences of their actions

making final decisions that sealed the gate,
blocking salvation, opening doors that has sent
many, many, many, many
“good” souls to their final destination,
that place called hell that was never intended for man

all in the name of riches for a season,
lost in the luxuries of this temporary euphoria,
in this constantly changing environment,
fascinated with being their own little gods
spreading a false sense of hope and reality.

What is truth isn’t being taught.
Yet, what is dishonest gets circulated like blood.
The world is covered in darkness
until God’s Will brings the light.