I Do Not Recommend

Sex before marriage, I do not recommend.
With the way the world  works,
it seems like it’s always the best decision.
But it is not.
Just because the world indulges in sin,
does not mean that it is right.
In fact, questions should arise
as to why fornication is so encouraged.

As a teenager, I gave into my roaring flesh.
And at the time, it made my flesh happy
to experience life from a different angle.
I was happy with blending in with the rest of the world,
chasing after a happiness I could never find.
I didn’t pay attention to the rules of the Bible.

After two children out-of-wedlock,
I realized way too late how wrong I had been in my thinking.
I felt unfulfilled and just “wronged” more than anything.
Wrecking my brain as to why I didn’t wait.
To be fair, I don’t regret my two blessings.
My only regret is not doing things the Bible way.