Not An “Active” Friend

I have not been a good friend
to anyone for years now,
though others will say
I have been great to them
throughout the years.

I miss all that “good stuff”
but I’ve managed to maintain
a perfect distance
from everyone who has marinated my life,
apart from the occasional checking in.

Life happened in a blink.
Yes, it did (in my Wendy Williams voice).
Had to pass on
the envy-filled drama and
the sick gossiping baton
to the younger, crowd-pleasing folks.

Checked in with the adults.
Grew up and had a life.
A few friendships
got buried in the thick dust of time
as expected.

Time slipped away into the clouds.
Memories subdued.
I moved on. So did they.
Outgrew high school.
And we outgrew each other.