The Missing Ingredient

I’ve swum through the darkest waters
pushing the mud and the filth out of the way
I’ve battled depression, suicidal thoughts, lust,
and heartbreak and at the same time, struggling
as a single mother, none of which has diminished
my fighting power; I keep persisting. For years,
I searched for something extraordinary to prove
that I have lived a life worth living
with the materialistic things I possessed
I forgot to include “me” in my own life. I could
not keep a smile on my face; I existed
for everyone else’s enjoyment.

It’s a Beautiful Life

Life is a beautiful mess; its light flashes brightly
I see it what a magnificent jewel it is
it’s incomprehensible the power it possesses
too precious to behold with my blinded eyes
I quickly forget its beauty; my mind becomes
preoccupied with life’s struggles
I neglect to take the time to appreciate it.