Writer’s Block

for months, I did not have the urgency to write.
I was just “not feelin’ it”.

almost thought about quitting altogether.
didn’t feel like I had anything left to say.

my poetic justice died down.
now, I’m back in the game.

Back Then. And Now.

back when children had time to grow up,
there was no rush into adulthood.
there were just too many adventures to explore

back in the day when they used discernment
before they did anything outrageous
or said anything out of disrespect;
when manners and respect meant something
without squeezing the life out of a child

back when TV was more like a treat
and not an all-day ice cream sundae.
our children are stuck behind these screens,
this is the life that they know

back in the day when playing outside was awesome
and the backyard was like a giant forest,
when they knew how to climb trees
and were the true definition of “kids”.

gone are the days they would rather play outside
than stay inside all day consumed with technology.
our children deserve to be “kids”
their innocence should be preserved

Half-Filled Soul

You come

bearing your half-filled soul,
spilling your heart beans
and cleansing your mind on my sleeves.

you say

you’ve been there, done that,
no stone was left un-turned
in your neck of the woods,
still you cannot find peace.

You explain

all of your life you’ve been wandering around
with no true sense of direction.
There’s no such thing as hope
or love on your side of the street.

You cry and shake uncontrollably

you’ve been on your journey for a long time
and you’re used to being a lonely soul.
Someday, you’d like to have some kind of an happy ending

You bleed

ripping your heart out
and watching it beat
shouldn’t be an option.

photo credit: yahoo images