This Thing Called Life


Life, fulfilling or not, is life.
It needs no explanation
as to why it is the way it is.
It’s a matter of acceptance.


Life hangs on by a string,
a string of broken dreams.
As told by one human being after another,
looking for some magical bean called hope.
Hope, the fuel for tomorrow.


This mission called life, few in the world
will actually have the wisdom to accomplish.

There are so many ingredients
to add to make the taste of life
unique to each person’s plate of food.


Many equate life
with love and laughter.

Into The Music

Bright, hypnotizing lights.
Lukewarm smiles.
Center stage.

Boy bands
in grown men’s bodies.
Something to prove.
Everything to lose.

Rusty moves.
Physical therapy.
Egos galloping in the way.
The height of success tingling each fingertip.

Crossing bridges on the world’s stage.
Rewriting irrelevant history.
Performances of a lifetime.
Do or die time.

Best Outside Appearance

I have a lot of things pedaling through my mind.
I’ve been seeing the world in a clearer light.
Suddenly, materialistic things aren’t important,
it never really was

but I’ve allowed myself
to think it was OK to join the crowd of

best dressed,
best bank accounts, 
best cars, 
best apartment/house, 
best family/kids
- best outside appearance 

Hand-feeding the world
what I think it is they want to see/hear,

hyped up by what I was also seeing/hearing around me
although sometimes it was depressing

Showing off more skin than I did when I were a teenager.
Hoping to score the rich husband
with happiness on the side.
Chasing after a crazy dream
that wasn’t even my own.

Treasure Hunting

Searched for love,
thought I found it
but it wasn’t what I expected.
It demanded a part of me
I needed to remember.

If I had lost that part of me,
I’d be a slave forever.
Forgotten and abused.


I Choose To Inspire

As I sit here and write, I realize
I have the power to help or break people.
I try to inspire with my messages.
As well as, wake people up from their sleep.

Lately, I’ve been trying to relay
God’s love and the need to be saved.
Encouraging others to get to know Him and His Word.

Sharing stories upon stories about
where I’ve been and all the action packed
emotions and feelings behind
the decisions I’ve made in the past.

For many years, they had been dark.
I had gotten accustomed to feeling sorry for myself.
Using excuses upon excuses about this and that.
Procrastinating when I should’ve been taking action.

I failed to live in truth and honesty
by being lukewarm in my journey,
merging the world with that of God’s.
Thinking I could serve two masters.

I didn’t want to give up the music, the friends,
the adultery, or anything that made me “happy”.
Afraid of how people would perceive me
if I wasn’t moving along with the crowd.

That was a lesson I took forever to learn.
I had to snap out of the trance.
I had to walk away from many things
I had grown to love and accept all of my life.