This Thing Called Life


Life, fulfilling or not, is life and needs
no explanation of why it is the way it is;
it’s a matter of choice and acceptance.


Life hangs on by a string of broken dreams,
as told by one human being after another
looking for some magical bean
called hope: the fuel for tomorrow.


This mission called life; only a few
in the world have the wisdom
to accomplish it; there are so many
ingredients to add to make its taste unique
to each person’s plate of food.


Many people equate life
to love, family, and laughter.

Into The Music

Bright, hypnotizing lights; lukewarm smiles
center stage hit the spotlight
boy bands in grown men’s bodies
they have something to prove
and everything to lose rusty moves
join the line for physical therapy
insert a little drama, egos galloping in the way
the goal is to make a comeback.

My Best Outside Appearance

I’ve got a lot of things pedaling
through my mind; I see the world
in a brighter light; suddenly, those materialistic
things I raced after seemed pointless; I wanted
to join the crowd of the best-dressed,
best bank account, best car, best apartment/house,
best family/kids—I aimed for my best
outside appearance; meanwhile, I was a mess
inside, handing everyone what I thought
they want to see or hear from me
suppressing my unique personality.