Celebrate Every Day

It’s an every day thing.
Father’s Day.
Mother’s Day.
Valentine’s Day.

Appreciate and love your father.
Appreciate and love your mother.
Appreciate and love your children.
Appreciate and love your spouse.
Appreciate and love your friends and neighbors.

Laugh. Smile. Play. Give thanks.
One day of the year cannot sum up all of that.
Every day is a gift from God.
Don’t wait for that one meaningless holiday to “celebrate”.

Hold Steadfast

Hold steadfast to your belief system.
Pray daily.
Read your Bibles – the older versions.
There is only ONE way to heaven
and that is through Jesus Christ.
Get to know Him personally and intimately for yourself.
Don’t let the world dictate your belief.

Pastors: don’t bring the world into your churches.
The world has no place in God’s sanctuary.
You can only serve one master.
Stop putting garbage into people’s heads.
This world is only temporary.
Whereas, heaven is a permanent resting place.
Neither sugarcoat nor take away from the Word of God.

Don’t worry about the numbers who attend,
just preach and spread the message as it is written.
It is not your place to compromise
God’s word for the world’s benefit.
The time will come when mankind
will have to choose between God and the devil.

Crucial Times

In America, the people are scared.
They are so scared of the government.
Truth is, most people around the world are scared of America.
Of what America can do to the people, or this country or that,
if they “reject” the ways of life that are being forced upon the people.

Yes, we are all slaves to society; controllable sheep.
Where freedom is obscured and justice is a joke.
The people can’t protect themselves,
the government made special arrangements to remove guns from your homes.
Your opinions doesn’t matter, at least that’s what you are being told.

Fear not, for The Heavenly Father is with you.
Speak out against the injustice of the people.
Speak without fear.
We can overthrow the government, if we try.

Remember this: the devil is putting in
massive overtime to steer you away from The Word of God.
Don’t sell your soul for anything temporary.
Heaven is permanent, think about that.
Think about your children, they deserve to live a good life.
Of course, good does not mean choosing the roads paved with gold.

Protect yourselves; protect your children.
Do not adhere to the standards of this world,
for they are lower than dirt you walk on.
Homosexuality is wrong.
Our gender identities are so screwed up, but it is not your fault.
Sorry, “you weren’t born that way”.
It’s much more sinister than that.
God created you male or female.
Do not accept this agenda as right.

Do not allow your children to become sexualized by this brutal society.
Don’t be afraid to be parents to your children,
the government should not be allowed to parent your seed.
Pedophilia is not normal.
Sex-change surgeries aren’t normal.

Turn off the TVs.
Turn off the radios.
For they are all full of garbage.
Read some books, do some reseach; educate yourself and your children.
Don’t leave it up to schools and educators to feed you with bits and pieces of information.

The deliberate dumbed-down American education system is another story.
And that’s a major concern; an outrage.
The education system and the parents have failed the children.
Bring back the old-fashioned ways of teaching.
America is almost at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to education.

The sexualization is real; mind control is real.
The Bible is not a joke.
Wake up from this trance.
Before you know it, you’ll be dragged
into America’s version of concentration camps.

America is not safe.
Back in the day, this was the place to be.
These days, folks should be getting out of dodge;
yes, it’s that bad.
You can’t keep living life without a care in the world.
In the end, you’ll have to join the elites or die trying to save your soul.

Do yourself a big favor: stay informed.
Read and research everything you want to know.
You’re not idiots, you’re all smarter than you’re given credit for.
You’ve become an illiterate generation of people.
And all that can be changed by eduatiing yourself and the future generations.