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I used to think I needed someone who could
“complete” me as the old saying goes
all of my naïve life, I had been thinking way
now, I don’t waste my time thinking about
finding a love like that. I am more content
with myself now I don’t need
any restrictions placed on my self-worth.

3 thoughts on “More Content

  1. Each moment is stored as a memory, as person we once were. The past stored together with who we are now, they are different and might seem to conflict, yet when they are combined together in love and compassion for ourselves, they are awesome. Compassion can go back in our thoughts and be there for the past us or face this moment of now together. As once we are together and whole, our compassionate selves can also reach out to others and love is grown naturally.
    You are right: ‘Contentment means happiness with life as a whole.’

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