Dark Waters

You feel trapped with no route
of escaping your crowded mind
surrounded by dark waters
you must be in a terrible dream
you hope to wake up from one day

God Is Not Dead

The church is not holy or sacred anymore
anything goes! The corrupt world
has taken over; they’ve kicked God
out of the sanctuary—the lying, cheating
stealing is all there. We praise the tongue
of the enemy, lies falsified as truth.
Morals, values, family, and common sense are
meaningless these days, it’s the new normal.

More Content

I used to think I needed someone who could
“complete” me as the old saying goes
all of my naïve life, I had been thinking way
now, I don’t waste my time thinking about
finding a love like that. I am more content
with myself now I don’t need
any restrictions placed on my self-worth.