Pray From Experience

Praying is a must; a requirement
from where I stand in my life; however,
it wasn’t always this important; I’ve been
mad at God many times and refused to pray
for months; I became vulnerable to the attacks
of the enemy, and it was clear in how I lived
my life. It usually takes a while to realize I made
a huge mistake. Now prayer is essential
effective with some elbow grease
of patience, faith, and time.

5 thoughts on “Pray From Experience

    1. This is the best advice I’ve ever received. “pray no matter what”. Truly, I haven’t stopped praying since that day. The worst thing to do is to take a day off from praying, the devil is constantly at work to make sure we don’t pray. Anyway, thank you so much for that. I’ll never make another excuse not to pray. God deserves all the glory and the honor.


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