Pray From Experience

Praying is a must; a requirement
from where I stand in my life; however,
it wasn’t always this important; I’ve been
mad at God many times and refused to pray
for months; I became vulnerable to the attacks
of the enemy, and it was clear in how I lived
my life. It usually takes a while to realize I made
a huge mistake. Now prayer is essential
effective with some elbow grease
of patience, faith, and time.

Shaped by Society

I forget to live; I forget to breathe
I forget to laugh; I forget to pray.

I scream more; I yell more
I see more bad than good in my life.

I am blessed; I am loved
I know this life is only temporary.

I am human, and that does not seem
to be enough somehow; I am encouraged
to be my own god; that’s what society promotes
but the real God is never far from my mind
I think about Him every day; that’s one truth
it will never take away.

Constant Comparison

I feel so empty and alone
too serious and uptight, says other people
I can’t even crack a joke though I always
get people laughing; I never have much to say
let alone anything meaningful to contribute
to conversations personal or work-related.

I always seem to be the odd one out
ever the misunderstood one
asking the “wrong” questions
or “don’t seem to understand,” a question
based on my unique responses. That is
the mess I’ve allowed to get stuck in my head
almost silencing my one-in-a-million voice
it’s the constant comparison
and the negative self-talk.