Weigh Every Word

Once done, at the stroke of the tongue
cannot be undone; once said, in anger
or a calm manner cannot be unsaid
every word and reaction should get
deliberately weighed and adequately
examined before being spoken into existence
every single time.

Custom-Built Walls

The world changed her and turned her
into another crowd-pleaser; she’s far from
being herself, sadly trapped in the rat game
of life. She’s a prisoner of her circumstances
holding on to fear, she’s afraid
of tearing down those custom-built walls
surrounding her comfort zone.

The Dilemma of Progress

The future unfolds regardless of how tight
you hold on to the past; it’s a reminder of where
you’ve been, and you’ll think about it
like there’s no tomorrow, especially if you
have unfinished business. You’ll remember
the days you were at your highest peak
even if it takes away from today; you’ll still want
to relive those moments. If only you knew then
what you know now, that is the dilemma of progress.