Live Your Life

Do you struggle with other people’s
perceptions of you? If anyone should know
you best, it should be you, but it seems like
the entire world knows you better than you
know yourself based on the outrageous
things they suggest to help you
become your best version.

When you listen to other people’s opinions,
your self-esteem becomes all battered
and bruised; you become a product
of their insecurities. Their cuts and bruises
get carved in your skin, even if their
intentions are good; they’re ideas about
you are not your own; you are unique,
and destined for greatness.

What you think about yourself is more
important than what anyone else thinks,
don’t compare yourself to other people’s
show-business appearances. So continue
to do your thing, fail miserably, unscathed
by the dislikes of how you live your life;
their opinions of you do not matter.

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