What Do You See?


You see me,
beautiful and flawless.
A man’s perfect dream.

I see myself
in a totally different way.
I can point out every imperfection
you failed to make note of.

this is what society has instilled in me to see,
to want to mirror the skeletons in the magazines.
Defining beauty by looks, hairstyles, weight, clothes, jewelry.
None of which are important.

Qualities he sees.
A good woman.

Every flaw.
Every imperfection
she sees and nothing else.
She cannot understand
why he sees what he sees in her.
For in her eyes, she’s just not that great.

He sees her for who she is.
She does not see herself at all.

She’s chasing after the one who got away.
He’s trying to convince her that he’s
one of the few good men out there.
She just says “oh well, great. Good for you lucky fella”.
He’s just not her type.

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