Passionate About God

They looked like crazy old ladies
in this old, broken-down laundromat,
but they were sensible, and I like that
these fine ladies were discussing
the goodness of God; He had done
many great things for them.

The first old lady was blossoming
in her faith, crediting everything she has
to Him; He saved her from destructive self
and many other terrible things.

The second old lady quoted the Bible
like it was her best friend; she loves
the Word of God and reads it every day
it’s been her rock of ages.

The third old lady used to be a pastor
somewhere along the way, she left
the church; she didn’t say why,
but she mentioned that Jesus
was still at the top of her list.

As I listened to those old ladies speak,
sometimes yelling to get their points across,
I had to question my relationship with God
and how much I knew about Him or whether
I lived in His Word or not. Sometimes, I get
so angry at Him I refuse to pray; I’m not
as strong in my faith as I should be,
but I know that God is real
and His love never fails.