Share My Space

I’m an easy-going, free-flowing
kind of person; the hustling and bustling
lifestyle throws me off, but I wouldn’t mind
hanging with some guy who is the opposite
of me; I’m ready to mix and mingle,
and turn up my life a few notches
I’m prepared to share my space.

Seasons are Temporary

I felt like a burden growing up; I thought
everyone around me would be happy
if I were no longer alive; I felt like a glitch,
a defect that needed fixing. I’m glad I made it
through that season of worthlessness
I see the potential in myself, so I hang on.

I Am A Mother 24/7

I’m a mother 24/7, and I play my role
without cue cards; there’s no time
for rehearsals or making excuses, I’ve got
mouths to feed and examples to set, so I
build a positive tone daily and weigh
each move; I know my children are
looking up to me (to lead).

Maintaining Control

I don’t want to lose control, so I maintain
my composure even when my mind is
about to explode. Sometimes it gets
so bad that I need to strap myself in
for the turbulent ride ahead; wearing
a helmet and knee pads for safety
has become a thing; my mind throws bricks
to keep me in shape, I stay grounded.