God Is Real In My Life

God is real in my life; I can’t speak
for anyone else, and I won’t pretend
He doesn’t exist because science says so.

Visiting Jamaica

Traveling to Jamaica makes me nervous
and excited all at once; the night before
I cannot sleep, it ties my stomach in knots
I can’t wait to walk out the Montego Bay
airport after a long delay in the customs line.

My heart is racing, it’s been years, and I am
thrilled to see my loved ones; I’m enjoying
the beautiful weather, a blanket of warmth
surrounds me; I’ve been looking forward
to this reunion long before I bought my ticket.

I can’t get enough of my family’s presence
this love is what I’ve missed; it’s going to be
a long ride home to the country now, but I’m
too excited to fall asleep, or I’ll risk
missing the gorgeous scenery.

Real Talk

I’m in charge of my actions
and happiness; I slip up and mess up
all the time; a roller-coaster
best describes my mood swings sometimes
I need to take a seat and listen
my thoughts are all over the place
I am learning to live and remembering
to laugh because I am still alive; I am
taking the time to love and accept myself.

Black is Gold

An oppressed, chosen people; the epidemic
of black-on-black crime and a cesspool
of drugs; racism, colorism, classism plagues
the community; our people don’t know
our history, manipulated by the white man.
They set our people up for failure, low-income
houses, welfare recipients, planned parenthood,
angry black women, jailhouse hardened men,
and fatherless children, an entire race
dunced down. The majority murdered
by genocide; we worship a white Jesus
“hair like wool, skin like bronze,”