Anything Goes for Entertainment

Distractions at every corner,
anything goes for entertainment these days.
Morals and ethics, family, love, peace, hope, trust,
the laundry list is too long to list
sold, bought, sold, bought,
sold and re-bought, countless times, for next to nothing.

The luxury of things,
built by man to please man.
Worshiped by man.
A high volume of the people
on this earth have remained
shut out from the truth,
pepper-sprayed with false idols.

Movie stars, pop culture icons,
queen of this, king of that
garbage, junk funk master flex,
reckless, classless, clueless entertainment

At least, it’s harmless in our eyes.
What do we know anyway, huh?
Nothing more than what they,
the few ruling the world,
wants us to see,
a big deception; a big conspiracy
while they work nonstop to destroy
what little humanity that’s left.


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