So So So Tired

I’m tired of people telling me
what to do and how to do things. I’m so
tired of people thinking they
know me better than I know myself. I’m so so
tired of people taking my
kindness for weakness.

I’ve been in my
I don’t give a shit mood lately.
Like keep that shit to yourself.
Your opinion of me and the decisions I make don’t concern you,
like mind ya freaking business.
And that’s another reason why I’m so private.

Familiar Road

I am no stranger
to depression or suicidal thoughts.
From around the age of 12,
the happy childhood I had
got thrown out the window.

I had to take on
grownup responsibilities and stress
no young child should ever
have to be subjected to.

I was dehumanized and ripped apart
emotionally and mentally every day.

I remember wanting to die
so many times to take the pain away,
only to realize I could not die,
others were counting on me to survive.