They play hide and seek.
They speak.
It’s more than just voices in his head.

They are real.
They are his friends.
The only friends he has had since the age of 9
when his whole world came tumbling down,
his beloved mother began her reign of terror.

Voice #1 is a happy 7 year old little boy
Voice #2 is a scared 11 year old girl
Voice #3 is a demanding 15 year old teenager

There’s a severe struggle in his mind,
each voice wants to get rid of the other.
Constant bickering.
Constant fighting.

a fabulous, luxurious vacation
he hasn’t been able to afford in years,
the voices finally silenced.


Another Innocent Victim

And then it happened again,
another sexual assault
to add to her box of shame.
Another innocent victim.

It’s been happening to her
since she was a little girl
just 10 years young.

Daddy told her it was a secret,
their little secret.
She swore not to blurt out a word
or she was bound to lose her family.

After a while, it felt normal.
Every little girl must’ve gone
through something like this in their lifetime,

that’s what she honestly thought.
The abuse went on for 7 years.
One day, she was forced to speak up.
She found out the abuse had been
switched to her younger sister.