Rich Friend, Poor Friend

You asked why we were not friends.
I didn’t have a reply for you.
I had to think about it.

Now I know why we can’t be friends,
I’m too poor for you and you’re too rich for me.
It just wouldn’t work out or be a good fit.

We’re too different – you and I.
I mean the few times we’ve hung out,
It was a disaster, an embarrassment on both ends.

My taste isn’t exquisite enough for you
and your taste buds are out of this world.
Only you can afford to have you as a friend.


Rocky Road

She’s standing right in front of you
fully clothed
though she feels
vulnerable, naked, and exposed.

She wants you to look at her
like you did when you just first met
with awe, interest, and fascination.

Don’t look past her;
don’t pretend to see her
when you’ve really been
looking at somebody else.

She’s at a rocky road,
walking on eggshells
trying to work things out

but you might come around too late
right when she’s ready
to walk out the door
into another man’s waiting arms