This Morning’s Reflection

I have been reflecting all day,
no longer drunken with anger.
I’ve been sober for hours.

This morning could’ve turned out better.
There are so many things I could’ve done better.

It takes a lot of restraint to not go crazy
when an elevated level of madness takes over.

In truth, there was no point in overreacting
What goes around comes back around with great vengeance.

So as the night approached,
my anger all but soon disappeared.


This Morning

This morning, I was angry enough to hurt a fly.
I was fuming at the ears and nose.
I had let someone toxic get under my skin.

This morning, I wanted to throw things.
I didn’t care what or who got hurt in the process.
I had to walk away from the scene.

This morning, I was ready to go to jail
but then I had to step back and think
“Would it be worth it to lose my freedom?”.

I didn’t plan for what took place this morning to happen,
circumstances unfolded, tempers flared
and I didn’t take time to catch my breath,
to think, to proceed with caution.


Underneath The Mask

They all wear masks
the people with diamonds in their eyes
everyday, all day long,
looking like die-hard Mardi Gras fans
or perhaps, they’re just Halloween freaks

too many scars decorate their faces
Not just typical scars, by the way,
but ugly, scaly, painful looking ones
formed from envy and hatred.

They don’t want to see you excelling,
they’d prefer if you were always down;
a beggar, homeless, living off the streets
then they’d be happy for you but,
most of all, they’d be disgusted

Nothing good is ever gained from harboring
disasters against one another.
Only death and destruction follows…
the blind leading the blind.