Starving To Live

They go to bed dying of hunger pains,
only water has blessed their stomachs on this day.
Food is a delicacy, food is gold,
never to be toyed with or wasted ever again.
Everything will be put to good use,
every bone will be chewed.
Starvation resides right next door,
banging on their neighbor’s front door.

Yes, there are starving children in Africa,
millions upon millions of them, but what about
the millions of starving children in America, too?
Start at home, help those under your noses.
Feed the people of this once great nation.
Feed America. Feed the brave and loyal people.

Donate funds to help save your own.
So many are living hand to mouth,
it’s no joke out in those streets and suburban homes.
Them streets aren’t paved in gold
and money does not grow on streets
as the mass media, magazines and movies portray it
to the rest of the hungry world.

In the morning, they’ll wake up
battling those same hunger pains,
drinking water for breakfast, lunch and dinner
with hopes to keep the sharks at bay.
They will cry sometimes when the pain becomes unbearable
but crying doesn’t stop starvation.

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