Feel Free To Live

Fear is not living.
To live is to be free.
Freedom from the locks and chains
of the dark side of your mind.
The fears in your mind can imprison you.
And when you are imprisoned,
you might as well be six feet under.


5 thoughts on “Feel Free To Live

  1. Not true. The dark side of our minds is much needed. Balance is the thing, always. We fear the dark side because we need to fear it. But we also need to learn somehow to live with the fear and the darkness. Even to accept them because they are part of God’s world. Lecture over :-/


    1. Thank you for replying. I probably shouldn’t perpetuate this difference of opinion, but I do think we’re equipped. Sun goes down – we sleep. Sun rises – we wake. Balancing darkness isn’t something we ‘do’, it’s built into the way we’re designed.


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