I Should’ve Said Goodbye

I should’ve said goodbye two years ago
when every spoken word
could not be backed up by an action
but I needed closure
so I left the portal open.
Now, I’m not so sure I did the right thing
two years down the road.

Loving you hurts!
It shouldn’t but it does
cause more harm than good sometimes
to still feel for you as I do.

I should say goodbye right now.
I should walk away and not look back.
That is what I should do.

But I’m battling some conflicting emotions right now,
one part of me says to walk away and never look back;
finding closure is not really necessary,
and the other part of me says don’t leave yet,
the timing is just not perfect.

So I’ve decided to wait
for the perfect time
to walk away for good.


3 thoughts on “I Should’ve Said Goodbye

  1. Really nice…. And btw if this is what you are really feeling, my advice is that you would never find the perfect timing…. Cut the rope when you want to…. Not when the time wants to….


  2. Hello. I just wanted to say that I love your poetry. You write true “free verse”. I write poetry too and in reading your Welcome post I can also say that I want to write that book one day. Keep following your passion.


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