More Than Just A Fairytale

I want to fall in love, get married
and fall in love with my husband all over,
each and every day,
as if we were falling in love for the very first time

I want to wake up and fall asleep in my his arms
with his chin resting comfortably in my hair,
no talking, just listening to the beat of our hearts.

I want to be held and be spoiled by him
cause I am the best thing that’s ever happened to him,
he’ll know without a doubt that he’s a better man
with me by his side


2 thoughts on “More Than Just A Fairytale

  1. I really get a lot from your poems. For instance here – you’ve expressed a feeling that so many of us have, maybe it’s even universal. I don’t quite know though, whether to affirm that it will happen for you. In my own life, I’ve come far closer to what you describe than I could ever have believed would ever be going to happen, according to all the signs in the earlier part of my life. I was nearly fifty before it happened for me. I feel just incredibly privileged. Life throws so much shit at each one of us. Romance is often the focus for the worst kind of shit. But don’t give up believing!


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