Bullying: The Unwelcomed Noise

And it hurts!
It’s easier to run away
than to face them.

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes.
It’s a devastating feeling to be picked on
constantly by someone, someone who hasn’t
taken the time out to get to know you;
all it takes is hate.

They don’t care who you are,
whether what they hear about you is true or not.
They could care less
that the words they say
is biting chunks out of your once happy spirit

knives being thrown from all directions,
blood gushes with each blow,
that’s how deep the pain has reached,
it’s an unbearable feeling
to feel attacked and rejected.

Death creeps up faster
than sleep can drown out,
the unwelcome noise erases your sanity
…you would do anything to kill the noise.


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