Back Against The Wall

Pushed to the brim,
shoved against a brick wall,

nowhere to run,
nowhere to take cover.

Roadblocks all around,
every outlet forced shut,
all the running has taken its toll

it’s time for change,
every step is progress made,
old habits must leave,

fear must flee,
step out in faith,
break out of hard shells,

walk in faith,
let go of uncontrollable things,
live life to the fullest

one life to live,
a chance to do better everyday,
don’t waste it on worries

take each day as they come,
count all blessings,
release every doubt

drown out temptations,
live an honorable life,
be proud of who you are

don’t bury bitterness within your heart,
let negative past experiences go,
they’ve been holding you back

your full potential has yet to be unlocked,
stop lashing out your frustrations on others
you need to back up off the edge of the wall

face drowned in fears
or keep running long distance marathons,
the change you seek is in your hands, old friend.


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