Warning Lights

Infested with flaws,
far from perfection

counting faults like loose change,
won’t embrace uniqueness

frustration with self,
the worst critic of all time

pep talks fail,
prayers are not sincere

deep conditioning is needed,
extract selfishness

shed old skin,
remember humble beginnings

let the light in,
talk about things

don’t keep them bottled in,
only badness comes out

release the stress and tension,
good things are in the forecast

strengthen faith,
walk in love, respect goes a long way

forgiveness helps heal wounds,
treat others right

appreciate every detail,
acceptance of life goes far

heal, heal, let the healing begin,
let go…of uncontrollable things

breathe in, breathe out,
enjoy every breath
as if it is a scarce commodity

cause living in misery gets old, quick,
don’t waste away;
don’t wash up on some deserted shore


3 thoughts on “Warning Lights

  1. Where does your wisdom come from? What an amazing mystery! That’s what your poem means to me. You have deep springs of creativity, and I appreciate each one of your poems. They are always from the heart.


    1. Thanks John. I’m glad that you enjoy reading my work. It means a lot to me. I try to be as honest, real, and creative as I can be. Even if I’ve never experienced something before, I will always put myself in that situation to try to give an in depth understanding of what I’m portraying. I think that’s where some of my wisdom comes from, and the rest come from my personal experiences.


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