Toy Story: The Real Story

Stale money, misused power
sits at the top of the pyramid
“Get in where you fit in” is what you are told”;
It’s like a puzzle,
Accept or deny,
Conform or be changed against your will.
Both have consequences.

Join the ranks of slavery
or get thrown in jail if you disobey the rules,
death is not far away after that.
If you try to get away, that will be the last thing you do
before you get tampered with – factory reset,
but they’ll keep you if they think you’ll be a good fit.
It’s that simple.

But eventually, you’ll have to make a choice for yourself ,
choose wisely and be prepared to fight.
It’s going to be a struggle alright,
whether you leave now or later
Is up to you once you realize
you’ve been contributing to a

ponzi scheme.


One thought on “Toy Story: The Real Story

  1. sometimes you need the inside mind to light the imaginations of others, but the great thing about life, and it’s rarely repeated, this life is not the end, it’s just the middle of a long journey, great poem, sums up my life this moment in time, thanks


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