His Truth vs. Her Reality

She wanted a real relationship with him,
eventually, she wanted to be his wife.
He was always looking for a relationship
that still made him feel single,
he wanted to enjoy the perks of being with a woman
without making a full commitment.
They couldn’t see eye-to-eye on nonsense
and though they loved each other,
they had to go their separate ways.

He was always honest with her,
though there were mixed signals everywhere.
The truth was that he wasn’t ready
for a real relationship with her or anyone else.
He liked things simple and uncomplicated,
not riding up and down on
emotional roller coasters everyday
but she wasn’t the problem.
She was perfect in his eyes,
yet he needed to have an open book,
just in case what he was looking for showed up.

She never understood why
he didn’t want to be with her,
Even though, he’d tell her over and over
that he wasn’t ready to hand over his freedom
but she still felt that maybe there was
something wrong with her,
despite his rejection of her,
he was still perfect in her eyes
and she didn’t need to look any further.


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