My Crazy Life

I’m normal.
I yell.
I shout.
I stress.
I’m often angrier than I think.

I think too much.
I worry too much.
I might even be a miserable case.

I’ll admit I need a break.
But, honestly, I need a vacation.
One day off
is never enough time

to breathe,
to clear my mind,
to read a book,
to sleep the day away

there is always a loose end,
always something to get done
…laundry, folding clothes, cleaning

there is just one me,
one parent to go around for two
but I make it work,
I don’t have a choice

two little ones depend on me,
and I depend on God to pull me to my feet.
I don’t have any excuses not to make it.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

No place to call home,
to live in a house that was never a home.
Torn. Rejected and alone.
Feelings of helplessness,
feelings that will never go away,
etched in the brain,
times when the streets felt more welcoming
than a four-walled brick building
decorated with a welcome mat at the front door.


lying tongue,
tortured words,
glides smoothly on razor-blades,
each corruption slices and dices,
pasting lacerations as deep as an oceans’ belly,
choked on mouthfuls of blood;
hemorrhaging on lies,
conscience bothering

Love Story

She knew
he was “the one”
the moment she looked into his eyes.

He knew
she was “the one”
the moment he laid his eyes on her.

They could tell they were meant for each other
right from the start.
And so it was, they got married and had a family.
God was at the center of their love story.
Their love prospered and grew more determined.

On Time God

Death showed its face twice in one day.
I wasn’t ready yet.
I prayed and gave thanks for life,
for it is indeed a short stint.
I went to bed tired yet I could hardly sleep
haunted by what could’ve transpired
if God didn’t intercede.
Thank you Lord for your saving grace.