Only For A Season

She has hiked
the long roads of hardships
as many before her had done,
the journey has been
a life-changing experience
but not once did her faith weaken.

She knew that what
she was going through
would only be for a season
though it seemed like an eternity,
everything was taking
its own sweet time but

her season has passed
now she is reaping all of her blessings,
they keep coming
and she keeps praying
and giving thanks
because she is blessed

I Am The Way I Am

does not
define my quiet demeanor

and my strength
does not
reside in what you think
is hidden in my personality.
I’m not some type of special project
that needs special attention to details…

I am
the way I am
for a reason.
I don’t care
to explain
who I am
or why I am
the way I am

no one really seems to understand
no matter what I say,
there are always blank spaces
and question marks